योगी युञ्जीत सततमात्मानं रहसि स्थितः । एकाकी यतचित्तात्मा निराशीरपरिग्रहः ॥
(A yogi should always try to concentrate his mind on the Supreme Self; he should live alone in a secluded place and should always carefully control his mind. He should be free from desires and feelings of possessiveness.)
I came across this verse on Swamiji’s video on Yogic practices

I love this quote very much and the fact that I heard it from Swamiji’s voice makes it even more beautiful.

But I find it hard to practice.When I am at ease, I can sit alone in a dark room with minimal external support for hours and I absolutely enjoy it. But once in a few days, my mind starts the memory server which starts playing clips from my past like 30-50 second status videos. Or it makes me feel anxious about the future. After a point when it gets out of control I have to remind myself that thoughts are just thoughts.

Mind when left utterly alone becomes lonely and makes us feel as if all the negativity of the cosmos has manifested in our life. I guess feeling lonely is a natural process before you feel alone and can enjoy the solitude. May be intense silence is the way to completely accept the self and that why this quote:

मौनं स्वीकृति: लक्षणम्

(Silence indicates acceptance)


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