sharing my experience 

before reading shrimad bhagwad gita my life is full of sadness , hopelessness and full of problems .  actually i  suffered from lot of health issues and considered  myself  unluckiest person but after not only  reading it but feeling it my life took 360 deegre turn . i get to know that health issues are not that much  severe my thoughts and imagination made it . and these are all our karmas which we have to suffer. now krishan ji is my guider . my way of life has changed .my way of thinking has changed. now by the grace of krishna  i am all well i am not saying that krishna reduce my suffering but my faith and his blessing made me more stronger to face it  so i advise everyone that  please once feel the shrimad bhagwat gita you will find every solution  of problem  i n it . now matter what is your problem 

hare krishna

 have faith on him 

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