One day like a paper boat in water
this life will sink
who I loved
and didn’t
wouldn’t matter as much
as it’d matter how much
how much did I love

Was I difficult person
or an easy one
of sweet temperament
or possessed a sharp tongue
did I do more good
than harm
did I make peace
or a life of regret

Like a fallen solider
one day life
will fall to the ground
muddied and bloodied
what then
who shall mourn my passing
what good will it do
if any
I’d by then be too far gone

When the paper boat sinks
who will I miss
will there be a face
with a name to it
would I’ve loved deeply
or enough
strange questions are these
will someone answer them for me

As days roll in to years
old confusions are gone
new ones rear their tiny heads
but they are a lot less
complicated now
there’s but one truth
there’s a God
there’s a sea
and there’s my paper boat rowing out
day and night
to finally meet with Him