New year is coming soon and here’s a post for people like me who need a change.

 We all know that ACTION is the only way to success. No amount of affirmations and motivation will work if persistence and massive action donot walk together.

But today I discovered something that can change the way you think. Each one of us needs self transformation or atleast needs a small change in some or the other aspect of our life.

There’s a story which I read,(not sure if it’s true) a conversation between Uddhava and Shri Krishna.

Here’s the story:

It was nearly time for the Supreme Soul to leave the planet. Shri Krishna advised Uddhava to ask whatever he wanted as he never asked anything from him.

Uddhava asked many things, a few of he’s words are summed up as follows:

“Krishna will you come only when you are called? Won’t you come on your own to help people in misery to establish Dharma?”

Lord Krishna answers:

“My Dharma is to only be a witness, one performs his own karma and suffers the consequence,I don’t interfere in it.”

Uddhava adding more questions:

” Does that mean you will watch us commit Sins, evil activities and lead a life of misery.”

The Supreme Lord then said as follows:

“Uddhava understand,if i am with you as a witness how could you perform anything sinful? If Dharamraj had realized that I was with him as a witness during the gambling the Mahabharat would have been different.”

What profound wisdom Shri Krishna has provided us with.

If we are all conscious that Krishna is residing within us and is aware of all are karma we would become a complete different person. From thoughts,emotions to all the activities like reading,dancing,walking, talking, touching, eating, watching, listening, sleeping he is witnessing everything. We can tell excuses to the world but cannot do the same in front of the one who has created us.Everything we do, everything we don’t, is all witnessed. 

Just a little awareness throughout the day will change the way we think. 

Our thoughts will change and our actions will follow the change. 

And when excuses reduce ,thoughts, mindset and actions change, it leads to self transformation.

And that leads to the transformation of the destiny!!!

May all of us enjoy success of self transformation after reading this!

Live, Love.


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