Have you ever cracked a joke and things went on complete loggerheads? 

Being a happy kid, wherever I go, and whatever I do, I always keep a smile on my face ☺.  And therefore try to keep the people around me happy too at times. It’s just how I have always been. I sometimes randomly make fun of people just to keep the environment entertained, and at times people make fun of me that I enjoy too. 

But all I have seen by now, which is a sure, that people grasp things in different accordance. At times the fun actually heads south and proves out to be offensive. The stand up comedies taking places these do such with the crowd which sometimes can really make the comedians to be found on troubled water. But that’s their own theory of putting forward such, am taking no names. 

A very recent incident that took place lately with me is pretty same. I was randomly saying something just in order to keep the surroundings cool. And it turned pretty offensive. On giving thought, I too found it offensive later on 😆. But the very second I felt it went serious, I apologized. It could have gone more worse with someone more sensitive. But as mentioned, I too have surrounded myself more often with people who don’t get offended with my jokes and and habit of getting open quick is something I have had taken from them. 

Judging people is good 👍. Judging before speaking and delivering any comment is needed. This is how diplomatic ties are maintained. Although I still make jokes 🤪 and sometimes I throw some dark ones too. But Judging prior properly is something that will keep you yourself and out of troubles

Even if you have ever got caught is such, the only thing I would say is that no one is wrong, and no one is right either. It is just a matter of viewpoint how you would take. The way we share things with friends, we just can’t go along with our parents and guardians similar way. Because the bridge of thinking is way too big. Henceforth a just a prior analysis would need. This may impede the flow of your joke 😅. But sometimes you need to do away with the quality in order to push away the unwanted risks.