The new generation does not understand the old things. Rather, say that the old things have now become hostile. We proudly repeat sentences like “Unity in Diversity” or “Anekta me Ekta” in Hindi. But now the time has come for “One to Many”. How one to many can be accomplished, that principle is of use, the rest is only in name.

Take the cow itself, it matters because it votes along with milk. The buffalo has turned black only due to jealousy. Even after doing so much service, she didn’t even get the title of auntie. It is not a surprise that now the idiom AKAL BADI KI BHAINS is also losing its meaning. In its place, BHAINS BADI KI AKAL has started making its place. No one is asking for wisdom. And if a wise man tries to open his mouth, his breath goes out just after seeing the buffalo’s bighorn. The buffalo has become so big that the entire department of intelligence is engaged in finding missing buffaloes these days. Even intellectuals don’t have the respect which buffalo has.

We consider cricket to be a game of God. What are these Olympic games? Who will remember so many games? Who lost, who won, how many medals came. And in that too; how many golds, how many silvers, who will keep the count? So we stick to one a game. Sports along with sports entertainment. Here we achieve the objective of “One to Many”. Same game, same players from all over the world, but with different fun. Sometimes they fight against each other and sometimes even with each other. There is a type of cricket that has sown such a seed of love, by breaking the boundaries of the world, that many great men while reaping its crop, harvested all the money and dollars in it, as well as their own tail. Now those tailless people are wandering like a beast.

Our generation is smart. She catches one and then all the work gets accomplished by her. Even if we get one-half medal in the Olympics (which is the result of the intense penance of that player.  Then we beat the drum so much that someone else wouldn’t beat for ten or twenty. Only one medal, but many works are proved by it. Some minister makes their voters happy by giving them two crores and some ministers give them four crores. Media makes good money by broadcasting it round the clock.

After all, what is the purpose of so many medals? There are many benefits of a single medal here. Multiple medals can lead to confusion if many players win. The medal of religion, then the medal of caste, then the medal of language, and the medals of different regions will come. Some would say that the medal came in such a state. Some would say that it came to such and such religion. Somebody will worry about caste. Why bother so much? Billions of people shout aloud at the single medal that we bring. We can accomplish many things with a single medal. They maintain peace and order, well.

We have earned this through hard work and penance. This “Diversity in unity” or “One to Many” is our invention, in which we, being “one”, do “many” things; But despite being “many”, “one” single good work can not be done. We have intellectual property rights on it. This is the future of the youth of our country.