“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca.




Once, we were walking back from our school when we saw a mummy monkey carrying her kid, and one thing we noticed was that the mummy monkey was not letting go of the baby monkey, and the baby monkey was not moving. We overheard people talking about how the baby monkey has been dead for two days and the mummy monkey is refusing to let it go when we should have seen it. And when Google Baba came and the world became a social platform, we heard and saw a lot of such stories about a mother’s unconditional love for their children, and humans are not an exception.

What is the difference between a human being and an animal? We discussed a mother’s love, but when it comes to humans, we are always considered to be more intelligent than the rest of the living beings across the world (aliens apart). So, what is unique about us human?:

We have feelings; feelings are the primary distinction between humans and animals, and they cannot be found elsewhere. The emotions, the sense of belongingness, and the me factor are all in abundance in humans.
We can express: Language and the ability to express ourselves much better are what make humans more superior than animals.
We can communicate much better; apart from expression, we all can communicate in a much better way than others.
But still, why do we consider that humans are better than anyone else? It is because we have the tendency and ability to help others, and these others do not have to be our loved ones or family; they can be anyone, anywhere, and of any type.

When humans move ahead one step to help someone, we have witnessed this.

Humans love and care for nature: we plant trees and clean up polluted waterways.

Humans care for and love animals; we save, feed, and tame them (though we also eat them, though they do the same, albeit less frequently).

Humans love humans; we love to care for them and sometimes even die for them.