Please accept my Bhaktiput Sastang Dandavat at your lotus feet Swamiji. The more I am exploring about you by reading, re-reading and re-re-reading your Memoir and other books. Now, I have the prized possession of the real gem “The Rainmaker Miracles and Healing Stories of Om Swami”. The book arrived last night, and I have just gone through 40 pages. But birds told you all that was happening in the Ashram was really amazing. I try my voice modulations to confuse birds, but never understand what they are up to, until they came in my dream and told me their requirement which I have written in one of my previous posts. Swamiji, you have pulled off so many miracles and thanks to the entire team behind the book to bring out your feats to people like us.

I was just contemplating, how painful your journey was for the self-realization, right from the frustration at Benaras Ghats to the Baba who cheated you seeing your unfathomable devotion towards him. He fleeced you and made your bank balance zero. The type of treatment you received with no food, deteriorating health with severe weight loss, sleeping on the ground to the scorpion bite and what not! But still you became better instead of bitter! Koti Koti naman to your mental strength, dedication, motivation, discipline and (I am out of adjectives) as you are not a human being. You are an avatar.

Today marks the completion of one year of my association with My first blog was so shaky, trembling, lacking confidence and carried all sorts of negative vibes possible. But, today, after one year the growth is phenomenal like a Bull Market. Your guidance and prayer of all the beloved family members have just turned my life which I cannot explain. I have started walking the path of a better human being, a more responsible Govt. official, a more caring husband, a more understanding father, an ardent nature lover – in one word “more humane”. I have become more familiar with handling problems by changing the approach. Rather than beating my head on the problem, I have become more solution oriented.

All these could happen as you handheld this shaky little child and patiently taught the ways of life. You taught me so many things in such a less period of time that, my life is now yours. Though you are not my biological father, you gave me a second lease of life and now you are my Father and Mother both. Due to your blessings, my name appeared in International Nuclear Forum and I am receiving a lot of Scientific Paper call invitations from Journals of International repute.  And I must mention that you have loaded some financial / business insight in my mind also. You know what I am talking about. You are the expert in this field of financial planning and the software package which you installed in my mind, while I am asleep with your book under my pillow also contained this exciting as well as dangerous (rather challenging) module. Please guide me a little more in this Sadhana for more clarity and purpose so that I can serve the society with the help of this Sadhana.

In this one-year time frame, 3 of my blogs have made it to featured posts (including one today) and several others by me, Sanghamitra and Sahil got citation by the witty Medha Shri ji. I must admit that she is the most compassionate Editor I have ever seen. Her profile is very high, but what a down to earth her editorials are! I must mention the funny yet caring Meera ji, the typical tragedy queen Shalini ji, Suchi Lotlikar ji, Akshay Iyer Sir, Ajay Om Sir, Sonpal Sir, Devender ji, Pankaj Om ji, my younger sisters namely Kirtee Om, Ankita, Supriya, bacha party consisting of Nalin, Pratik, Vedant, Ashu, Tahira, Anant Meera, Rashmi and all others whom I am forgetting unintentionally.

A special mention of Rohit and Madhavi ji for introducing me to Swamiji’s existence and this amazing family.

Swamiji, we all can feel your call with superconductor magnetic attraction from inside. But the Ashram is not yet open for the kids and thus Sahil has not yet qualified to travel to Ashram. Also, as you have blessed us with a major responsibility, we are trying our level best to carry out the same. Please open the gates for kids too in near future. We (entire family) seek your darshan during Sahil’s upcoming Summer Holidays in the Ashram…

Please grace us, bless us and keep us in your refuge like this oh Swamiji…

Naman to all the family members for accepting our family and showering so much love and affection in this journey of a year.

Thank you all for reading the post. Jai Shri Hari…

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