Being who you are is another way of accepting yourself- Unknown



Accepting your true nature makes you different from what you are and what you can be. When we are born, we are the true leaders and winners. (Remember the story of sperms when you are conceived). What spoils us then if we are born leaders

·         Upbringing

·         Environment

·         Competition

·         The way we are taught

·         Education

·         Competition

·         Pressure

The above points can be elaborated, but a lot has been talked about these, and I don’t want to emphasize it, but what I want to discuss here is that

·         Why is it so that we are continuously under the burden of performance?

·         Why are we always compared?

·         Why do we need to be the best?

·         Why can’t we be average?

·         Why can’t we be a bit slow?

Why don’t we accept that we are not the same? Some of us are champions, some are mediocre, and some are weak. Why is it not ok to be the way we are, and why do we always have to be under stress to perform.

Swami always lays stress on what we should be like, we should be true to ourselves, and we should be perfect in whatever we are and what we know the best as it is always said that we get perfect in the thing we practice, so be what you are, and not under the burden of society.

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