Hello Family.

I hope you all are ding great in your life where as I’m still trying to do justice to my life.

I’m having my end semester examinations that’s why I’m inactive now a days. But I’m enjoying this. We had online classes for whole semester and now we are having offline exams. What a surprise… We came to college and residing in hostels to give offline exams. As I’m in my final year of course so according to rules we all should be given single rooms but the hostel having single rooms was inactive for two years so now it needs maintenance. Our institute is making all arrangements and they told us that you’ll be shifted by 18th of December as we have exams from 20th December. I was so happy that finally from these triplets I’m going to shift to singlet. We all were happy but on 17th December we got this notice that hostel maintenance work is still going on so you have to shift between 26-29 December. Our last exam is on 29th December. Does it make any sense?

It’s so difficult to shift during exams. We have to study also as we have not studied for whole semester because of these online classes. My roommates are pretty good but still it’s difficult to study there. So I decided to come to library.Β 

All things are messed up. Hectic days, I’m having.Β 

Yesterday my bag got exchanged in Library will share about that funny incident in upcoming post.Β Β 

Some suggestions:

  • No matter what will happen, our inner peace should not be affected.
  • Things will come to normal one day.
  • Enjoy your moment and be mindful to avoid any mistakes.
  • Chant the holy name of Mother Divine.
  • Offer your all work in the feet of Mother Divine as an offering because that’s all you have at the end of the day, your Karam.

Pic credits: Theartofhustle

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