Only the Lord alone exists….

There was a boy. He was all alone.  He was happy and cheerful.

Days passed. One day he felt boredom. He felt need of others. But there were no others for him.

So he himself starts playing different different roles.

1st he himself becomes a thief and acts like stealing things.

Then he himself becomes a police and acts like capturing  the thief.

Then again he changes as a thief and seeks forgiveness from the police.

Then again he enters in the role of a police and puts the thief in the jail.

Again taking the role of the thief, he starts crying, lamenting and seeking for the help.

Then again in the police role he acts like forgiving the thief.

At last he as a thief laughs and he as a police also laughs.

After Enough of playing the ” Thief – police”  drama, he again stays in his original state..alone.

There was neither a thief nor a police.. That was just a play.. unreal and illusory.

This is how the play of the Divine. It is the Lords leela going on. Everything visible and non visible is the Lord and nothing but the Lord.

You must have heard the saying ” कण कण में भगवान”. That means everything in this world is the manifested Brahman. What ever you see is the Brahman manifested in the various forms.
If you see a tree, in reality it is not a tree but the Brahman manifested in the form of a tree…. You, me, they… all are the Brahman manifested in the different body mind intellect complexes….
Once the role playing is over..there is the dissolution of the world.. Then again Lila of the Lord starts…
So don’t take this life too serious. Just let the play go on… Enjoy and dont get affected by the dualities in the world…

There is the Rama ( Parabrahma)in the person making a mistake. There is the Rama in the person correcting that mistake. Let Rama be in the mind and not the person who has done the mistake. Let Rama be in the mind and not the person who corrected the mistake. There is nothing but the Rama everywhere. Don’t drag past but the Rama. Don’t pull the future but the Rama.
Just pray to Rama for His the pursuit of getting no more roles to play….and just to be the Non dual Truth… Sat chit Anandam.
         Hari Om!

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