Today I saw a picture of a window pane covered with lots of tree-leaves which was blocking the sunlight! It made me bit philosophical! Is not our life also sometimes like a window of this type? I do not know about others but certainly it’s true for me. Let me illustrate. The green leaves are akin to various good thoughts and nice plans of my life! ‘Green’ color is associated with happiness after all! It appears to be amazing at first look. But I find that there is no end to these thoughts. There was a time, some twenty years back, I thought that I can do anything in my life! I wanted to become experts in a good number of areas of my studies. I wanted to complete tons of books, wanted to master various skills. All were in the planning stages. I jumped from one goal (read, nice thoughts!) to another. Many times, completing none! What I realized that this pattern followed me in other spheres of life as well! In particular, in the spiritual arena! I hopped from one spiritual sect to another. From Hare Krishna movement to Reiki to Art-of-Living to Sadhguru and even very briefly to Bible! It’s a different matter that finally I settled down to one thing only! But when I look back, I find that while these experiences were needed, it actually robbed me off my peace. In the professional life, I wanted to do too many things! While I did certain things well but could not manage time to do a lot of other colorful things, leaving me quite unhappy!

Today, I have this realization that, sometimes too many good thoughts or plans, just like the leaves on the window pane may potentially block one’s progress and happiness! It’s better to live a life in moderation! If the window pane had a bit smaller number of leaves on it, the sunlight could have entered the room making it warm and bright!