As we know it’s a COVID period. The period when everywhere negativity and fear is being approached. We have some  Fear of death, Fear of loss of love, Fear of loss of money etc. But every adversity bring some goodness also with it. Nature always brings some goodness with it. we have to locate it. we have to change our perspective to  look at it. Inspite of big losses during this period, still we have gained some thing positive, which we were unable to get during normal times. Here I am going to discuss what good we derived during this period.

  • As we were running aimlessly like a dog running behind every moving car without any break for ourselves and our family. During this Lock down we found a big quality time to spend it with our family and for ourselves.
  • It learnt a lesson to us that Money should  not be the chief aim in our life.  It should be only source not destination. Money is just needed to the extent to able to feed ourselves and our family and fulfill our necessities in our life. Excess all is worthless.
  • We have found a sufficient time to build good relations with our relatives, parents  and siblings.  Otherwise i realized there was  no time for anyone to know about well being of others.
  • Extravagance are now being controlled to much extent, otherwise every weekend we  spent by going outside on unusual entertainments, hotels and restaurants.
  • No more wastage of foods and money  on any marriages functions, no more show offs, simple marriages and functions with minimum members, whether rich or mediocre.
  • Temples have been closed, what we may derive good from it ? Well it just simply shows that God resides inside in ourselves,  Doors of temples are closed not of our inside.  Go and Find the Supreme Powers inside…