The Bangalore Railway Station had no bookstalls.

I was filled with dismay. As a child, buying books at railway station bookstalls was a tacit ritual each time we took a train journey. I would check out the copies of Chacha Chaudhary and Tinkle Digests I didn’t have at home. The few minutes of browsing and buying books were enchanting. When I grew older, these book stall visits would fetch me a novel, usually an Agatha Christie book I hadn’t read (or wanted to re-read).  

Fast-forward to December 2022 – when I took my first train journey after the pandemic struck – there were no bookstalls. There was a Gita Press store in Platform 1 of the Bangalore station and a Ramakrishna Mission book stall in Platform 1 of the Chennai Railway Station – and I bought books from both the stalls – but I still missed the good ol’ book stall containing all books. 

I wondered – why did the bookstalls close down?

  • Did the pandemic impact bookstalls?
  • Do children prefer to engage with a smartphone than read a book?
  • Do people read with kindles?
  • Do people prefer to make the economically better decision to buy their books on Amazon?
  • This 2018 article suggests that administrators made a policy decision to reduce stalls and decongest railway stations. 

Whatever the reason, the absence of bookstalls in railway stations made me sad. I now want to be an evangelist for books more than ever. Bookstores have been gradually shutting down. I hope books never go extinct. Community Round Up on Books

The community loves books. 

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Concluding Words

As Hetal Sonpal was reviewing this round up, he said something that made me smile. The New Delhi railway station has a bookstall.

How nice!

When I go by train to New Delhi, I will certainly purchase a book from the bookstall. For old times sake. To do my miniscule part to support a railway station bookstall.

Image Credit: Sincerely Media from Unsplash