On 29th May 2020, Swami announced His big decision about opening os.me to all members to write their truth and have fun. I still remember how excited I was around that time last year. 

As you may have heard it before, I am a sucker for equality. The one thing which absolutely blew my mind away was when Swami also announced that anyone could write anything at all, and there would be no filtering, no triage system, no hierarchy, nothing. To say that my heart melted would be an understatement. 

I remember being anxious about writing my first post, and voicing my concerns to a dear friend. I bullied her into promising me that she would keep supporting me even if I received no comments at all. The inexplicable feeling of joy and apprehension, on 30th May 2020, when I posted my first post is one to remember.

And through His grace alone this was followed by the inevitable feeling evoked when I received my first comment from a beautiful person. The smile it brought to my face was exceptional and from then on, the smile just kept getting wider with every single comment, till now.

Fast forward to 7th June, my first experience of a featured post left me over the moon and ecstatic for the whole day. 

And these are the reasons why I love commenting on posts, especially new members because I know exactly how it feels and want everyone to feel that way. And that is also why I love it when awesome new people’s posts get featured because I can imagine the amount of encouragement it gives us all to flourish. 

Om Swami is the epitome of love and belonging, equality and equanimity. Leading a life based on our dear Swami’s values gives us all great joy. And os.me stands just for that. The immense growth of os.me over this one-year period was unfathomable by most of us, except Him. Writers and members are all overwhelmed with love in this place called home (read (h)osme). Social media is a thing of the past, boredom too. Wisdom is the new trend:)

One year later, we can only express our deepest gratitude to Swami, for seeing the unseen and allowing us all to unleash our potential, beyond our imagination. His gift to us, going strong and growing too.

The support and love on os.me is unbelievable, His grace is beyond our imagination. The support, all writers receive from everyone is unbelievable. It is only through His will that we can write anything here. At least I take no credit for any of my posts. But selfishly, every single comment I receive makes me smile ear to ear and His posts are filled with pure wisdom, stored for eons to come.  I encourage every silent reader to take a leap of faith and share their thoughts. The rewards are immense, and no, not just Karma points which again is another sign of His immense love, but I mean the reward of pushing our own limits. Please do share your truth, it only gets better if you keep going. The adrenaline rush is real and you will enjoy it. And there’s no better place to express ourselves other than home:

A place like home
To those who longed for home

A feeling of love
Like no other
Love is love

A home known to our soul
A knowing felt by our hearts

There is no place like home
Because home is where the heart always was

In our heart is our home
And in our home is our heart

There is no place like home
Home is now
Home is here

And I’d like if I may, to end with a very beautiful comment I read by Prabhu Om ji in one of Swami’s post. It has stayed with me ever since I saw it:

“I get the point. The point is love, os ❀ me.”

If you get it, you’ll smile. Os.me is our home, filled with grace, love, hope, truth, beauty, belonging, faith, equality and divinity.

And as for me, I have no more to add, other than the fact that we are all more blessed than we realise to be here, on His platform, sharing our thoughts only and only through His immense Grace and love. Thank You:)


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