Congratulations fellow traveler! For performing significant RAKs here on RAKs, in my opinion come in different shapes and flavors. Here, for example, is an article by Ria R outlining RAK ideas in the digital space. Here are ten ways through which RAKs can be (and are routinely) performed on

  1. Writing Articles – In the introduction to the Karma program, Swamiji says “I firmly believe that every time you write a positive comment or share your truth by publishing a post on, you make this world a better place. Somewhere, in some corner of the world, your writing may have inspired someone.” I have experienced this several times – several articles have directly benefited me by providing specific advice that I have followed. Moreover, all the articles I read, when put together, had the effect of repeatedly reinforcing the messages of compassion, kindness, gratitude, resilience, devotion and many other virtues. 
  2. Reading Articles – Each time you read an article, you are giving the author a precious gift – your time. And you are increasing the number of views on their page at the same time! If you comment, so much the better (see next two points), but even otherwise, your act of reading is most definitely a RAK!
  3. Writing Encouraging and Warm Comments – This truly does make the world and certainly a better place – encouraging writers to keep writing again. Anecdotally, I’ve seen the self-doubt of several writers assuaged by the warm comments written by you, dear reader.
  4. Writing Comments – Even if you don’t have the time to write a long comment, a short comment acknowledging that you have read the article can be encouraging!
  5. Sharing with Others – Several recommendations that people have shared with me (ranging from books to meditation practice suggestions) have impacted me positively. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.
  6. Supporting Authors – Several people have demonstrated their munificence by supporting authors by clicking that blue button!
  7. Providing Solidarity – When people have posted messages indicating that they are in difficulty, or when people have written about difficulties they have faced in the past, or when people write about mistakes they have made, the solidarity and support shown by the community is heartwarming and is like no other.
  8. Raising a Dissenting Voice – The art of disagreeing politely and objectively is a difficult one – one that is practiced sparingly but skillfully by some courageous folks. A RAK indeed. And it is noteworthy that I haven’t seen a single flame war here on – something which might be unprecedented in the history of internet communities.
  9. Practicing Principles in Real Life – This appears to be a good time to write this point, in light of the editorial written by Medha Shri exhorting readers to walk the talk and practice what they read. Practicing principles suggested by Swamiji as well as authors means that the author’s efforts in suggesting the said principles have come to fruition – which is a beautiful thing.
  10. Participating in Contests and Events – The more people that participate, the bigger the sense of community feeling, and the bigger the fuzzy, warm feeling.

Do you have further thoughts on how to perform RAKs in Do mention them in the comments!