Knowing others’ pain immediately reduces mine.  Understanding the life beyond my own small-well like existence immediately works like a soothing balm.  No amount of gyan, wisdom, can do what reading the testimony of members is doing.

Life could be so complex for few. Some have had its taste and were able to come out victorious. Whereas some might be going through challenges. Living a graceful life, despite spine-breaking circumstances, is what I learnt, am learning with os. me by my side as my life support system.

Its my sheer good fortune to be  a part of  this world of os. me.  The true sharing of true life stories by members is truly a support, a mind opener and a great great motivation to go on…. go on…

Many thanks, many blessings…… Each and every member of our this community is so special, so precious….❤️❤️

Getting an international exposure of LIFE has helped me develop a  unique perspective, a perspective that has reduced my pain instantly.  Universe operates at a scale beyond our comprehension.  TRULY.

Once again a heart felt thanks to every member for being so open, so liberal, so warm, so inspiring, while sharing their lives with others.  It means a lot.🙏🙏🙏