Year 2042

Somewhere in Himachal Pradesh, India.

“Tathagat, you must rest. Physical and mental exhaustion is taking toll on your body. Are you thinking of going in solitude? ” asked Swami V with frown

“I will rest Swamiji after I put rest to forthcoming obstacle.” Chuckled OS

“There is always one or the other obstacle of your devotees.  What? What did you say? Obstacle and that too in solitude? I don’t understand Tathagat. Please tell me what is going on?”

OS saw towards swami V and said with mischievous smile “Yes, this time I am going to solve obstacle in solitude by meeting Prime Minister of India.”

“But he doesn’t know any of your location. How is he going to meet you?”

“We both have this confidential location to meet. We both have this gadget, this gadget takes both of us to selected location. This time we have to get solution of finding place for newly arriving Refugees.” Said OS

Gadget was turquoise coloured with capsule shape and liquid of nanobots inside it.

“I want to come with you, not to solve obstacles, but to take care of your diet and health.” Said Swami V

“Okay come with me. PM will arrive at that confidential location very soon.” Saying this OS hold the hand of Swami V and pressed the Turquoise capsule. Encapsulated in turquoise colour, they disappeared in thin air.

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