It is difficult to write about a soul which has touched your life, affected your existence and made a difference in your outlook towards companions. I have been debating writing about my pet “Oscar” for a long time but every time I sat down to pen a few words on him, my emotions took over me and I would be unable to continue…

Oscar was a mix –breed with some traits of a pointer, black and white spotted with a black spot on his forehead. He came into my life as a young puppy, I can still recall the time, it was winters in Delhi and I was home from my boarding in Mussorrie, it was a chilly morning and I was fast asleep in the warmth of my rasai when I felt the warm licking of a first I thought I was dreaming but the licking and gentle nudging continued and when I opened my eyes all I could see where two beautiful, soulful eyes watching me.It was love at first sight and it lasted for a life time.


They say a pet changes your entire outlook in life, yes that’s true the moment he entered our lives we were blessed with his presence, he was a joy to behold, a spirited pup, full of energy and adventure. Everyday was an adventure with him, if he was not busy chasing sparrows and crows, he would be playing with a ball, or pulling away at old rags and socks, many a time he would swallow it which was scary.He loved eating and was a big fan of curd rice much to my mom’s delight.

Oscar soon become an indispensible part of our family, he was loyal to the core and his most favorite person was my mother, who would feed him, bathe him and let him sleep in her warm cocoon. He loved going for walk and exploring the nature around, sniffing away, stopping at every lamppost to leave his presence.

Soon the years passed by and Oscar grew up to be a handsome dog much loved by all who met him. During the years every time we shifted residence he was taken along with us and we have fond memories with him travelling by car, rail. There were times when we would sit silently gazing ahead with my arms around him or he resting his head gently on my lap…I miss those moments.

Age soon caught up with him and he sobered down slowly, started greying which made his more handsome and precious. Then one day all of a sudden when he was around 14 years, he fell sick with jaundice, we were all saddened and scared  and my mom rushed him to the vet and my driver and mali who were terrified of him lifted him ever so gently and placed him on my mom’s lap


I guess life had a different road for him as the moment they placed him on the vet’s table he gave a soulful thankful look at my mom and died … He was buried in our garden facing my mom’s window after that she never had the heart to keep a pet.

Today all I can say is Oscar my friend, soulmate I am sorry I was not there with you in your last days and I always regret it. I wish I was there to hold and hug you for a last time and say goodbye… Even after all these years I can feel his presence around me , watching me ,protecting me …and everytime I peel a pea pod one or two pods fall down as if Oscar was waiting for them as he always did.

They say pets never leave you and though we feel their absence every day, they leave behind so many precious cherished memories that last more than a life time.

Thank you my friend was being my spiritual teacher, who taught me love, compassion, caring , giving and made me a better human being. Today as I take care of milions of strays and pets I see Oscar in all of them. He is never far away always beside me ….my silent companion for life.

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