Hello Amazing and Beautiful People! The Sun is shining bright both outside and in my mind🙏🏼. 

So, the new software updates have rolled out for the kindle devices. The new firmware version is the kindle 5.13.7. The overall look of the UI has completely changed. The most exciting part for me was that the ‘Experimental Web Browser’ is no more. It is now a fully working web browser (latency is still present though).

You can imagine my mind getting blown when I visited OSME blog. One disclaimer though, despite countless attempts, I could not login into my account from the kindle browser. There is the ‘article mode’ which has undergone a major change. I read the previous published article of Swami Ji there and the paper-like feel you get is so much more than reading from the phone’s screen. It felt like reading Swami Ji’s book! 

The back button is gone. It has been replaced by the “X” button. It cancels out the activity you are actually doing. Also, you can access the ‘control center’ from the pull down arrow button. This is very convenient for me. There is even the date that appears! The search button is massive, as the buttons have shifted to the control centre (you can even look up for a sentence through your library). The new Dark mode is WOW!

You might be on the Home Screen and you could access your last read book at a touch. It appears at the bottom of the screen. Just click it and you are into the book right away. 

It is much quicker to download the update from a computer and to copy that to your kindle drive once it is connected through cable. The entire update process took around 10 mins. Please check the version of your kindle and its corresponding update. I use the paper white 10th gen.

The link to the updates:


Hope you have a great time immersing yourself in the writings of our Swami Ji

Take care! 

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