Ouch!!! That hurt! 2

“Ouch!” I exclaimed, as the rubber ball came straight and hit my hand.

“What are you so engrossed in, even while playing with me? Get up and throw the ball,” Were uttered as my friend came towards me running for the ball.

As he came near, I asked him,” Murli, Why don’t you warn or protect human beings from taking a wrong decision, committing sinful deeds and degrading themselves to lowest possibilities? Don’t you feel sad that human beings are tortured and in pain, every moment of their lives? Don’t you feel like helping them when they have been trapped in the illusion of your Great Enchantress and are desperately trying to get out of it as a prey desperately tries, from the hunter’s trap?”

He replied immediately. “I do want to help them! I do want to get them out but….” He stopped in between and looked down with a sigh.

” But what Murli?” I asked, eagerly waiting for an answer.

“But they have to lend their hands first. They have to let me. But they are so full of themselves that their ego surpasses all ends. They have more trust in their manpower and intellect and think that they can do everything on their own and hence, don’t need my help. Even some of  them refute my existence so I just play along, make them believe more that I don’t exist and they are the ones who are doing everything until…” A sarcastic smile bloomed on his face.

“Until what?” I asked as if I was interrogating him.

” Until they are injured by the consequences of their actions and can’t figure out why is it happening to them. When they took that decision, they didn;t ask for my guidance nor they remembered me while making it. So why do you think I would help them when its time for them to face their consequences? I don’t intervene in the lives of human beings because I have given them the freedom of choice. I was and will be impartial to them, then and now. I am only partial to those who trust me with themselves completely and I only personally intervene in their lives, if the need arises. But Crazyheads like you please me to help them as you can’t stand their pain and suffering and when I help and protect them from the consequences of their actions, they don’t learn their lesson. Instead, that adds up to their false ego and they go ahead degrading themselves because pain and suffering are the only thing that is keeping them away from degrading themselves. So, do you think now that you helped them by pleading me to remove their suffering or you harmed? Think this through next time when you ask me.”

The firm statement shook me from the core as I lay down, nothing to ask more. Seeing my disappointment, he continued,” Bur,,,,,,,” He continued with a smile,” I can only be friends to Crazyheads like you because that is the only requirement of friendship to me. Now, pass me the ball!”

I took the ball and threw at him with all my might. As he catches, I observed a small bruise on his forehead. I rushed and asked,” How did you get this bruise?”

“What do you think I got it from?” He looked straight into my eyes as he questioned and tears of love gushed out of my eyes as it got me and I had no choice but surrender to his lotus feet.

Ouch!!! That hurt! 3

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