Clothed in pale orangey robes

The most generous person whom I know.

He transmits joy who comes to his door

Looking at Swamiji, worries go.


In our heart he resides and dwells

Be heroic he always tells.

To watch him is a bliss,

So no videos of his I skip or miss.


With weapon of goodness he writes;

Dismantles and removes all our plight.

His word on everyone has an influence

Through which everyone something learns


Swamijis plans are shining constellations

To contribute is his mission.

He illuminates us on good deeds,

That our life certainly needs.

With boundless affection he is filled

All our worries he has sealed.


Every day his good name I chant

To forget him I really can’t

I have an appetite to stare at him

As he resembles to a God’s figurine.


His form is so humble

And writings are a sparkle

His grin is like a pearl

Which helps us to fight every obstacle.


To Swamiji only one plea I make

All our anxieties and worries to take.

In the catastrophe around,

shower his grace.

So that love and kindness we can bake.




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