In the past couple of months, countless amazing writers from the community have shared their stories. Inspired by these powerful write-ups, I couldn’t resist taking to the pen myself. So here I am, writing my first post. I hope you enjoy it.

Today is the birthday of our beloved Swamiji (Yay!). So, honestly, I feel I couldn’t have selected a better day to start. On such an auspicious occasion, I felt like sharing a poem I wrote a year ago. But before we get to it, a little backstory. 

Somewhere around March 2019, I was traveling on a long flight to China for my chess tournament. My options for keeping myself engaged were quite limited. I could either watch a Bollywood movie on the TV screen or read a book that I had been carrying with me. Basically, it was a no-brainer. I opened the book instantly.

The book was Om Swami As We Know Him by Sadhvi Vrindaji and Swami Vidyanandaji. I am sure all of you have read it. If you haven’t, then please get a copy right away! 

Book cover Thank you for this amazing book!

As I kept turning the pages in complete awe, I felt something very hard to describe in words. Tears rolled down my face, and I could feel myself go weak in the knees. I was filled with such immense love and longing to meet Swamiji that the following poem just wrote itself. Luckily, after two months, I did manage to meet Swamiji, and my life has never been the same ever since. 

I’ll cherish these moments forever. 

The poem goes as follows:

“Lord, can anyone pen your infinite glory? I don’t really know,

Yet, like a river, these words from my heart just flow.

I am restless in the day and sleepless at night.

O our Beloved Swamiji, I long for your divine sight.

With a new blog every other Saturday morning,

Our hearts filled with hope and love, we stop frowning.

With limitless compassion, you hear our plight,

O our Beloved Swamiji, I long for your divine sight.

Whenever sad, we watch your videos on repeat.

I wish to offer my pranams at your lotus feet.

To us lost souls, you show the guiding light.

O our beloved Swamiji, I long for your divine sight.

In the slightest of trouble, we chant your name,

Oh! How easily you take away all our pain.

You are full of love and wisdom infinite.

O our Beloved Swamiji! I long for your divine sight.

With a fistful of your love, Mind-full to Mindful we become,

All our million thoughts get silently numb.

When all is not well, you teach us what’s right.

If truth be told, O our Beloved Swamiji, I long for your divine sight.”

Having lost all my wellness sense, I’m not so worried about the big questions of life because at the heart of my success is being with you.

Happy Birthday, Swamiji! Thank you for everything!  All glories to you.

Happy birthday, Swamiji! (Pic courtesy: Anand om Kumar)

Jai Shri Hari!