Starting off today with a question :

How many times have you felt insecure about yourself after seeing too-good-to-be-true models or social media influencers?

Here’s a little secret for creating photos like those :

Tons of makeup + Some tweaking of reality of here and there + Tons of editing + filters( the main ingredient, never forget them) =” make someone on the other side of the screen insecure ” photo.jpg 

is finally ready ( just kidding)

” Everyone want to show their brighter  side but hide the darker side “

That what exactly happens on the internet and a lot outside .  They present themselves on social media that they have ‘no flaws’ but what actually  is going on is just the opposite of what we expect . There’s a lot of story behind those ” flawless looking beings” which is absolutely hidden  from the world . But not all are like that, there’s a lot of them spreading positivity around with the courage revealing their true selves, their insecurities, their “flaws”.

This little  tweaking goes on but the one who is affected is the audience that is watching  influencers , feeling insecure of themselves, thinking they are not enough , starving and low self-esteem . 

At the end , We will be ourselves , just the way we are , unhidden .

I am still learning to love myself just the way I am ,fully  , no matter if someone calls them flaws but I’ll call them beautiful things God put into me with love .

Let everyone show their dark as well as bright side , without regrets.

With Smiles😄🥰

Jai Sri Hari 🙏✨