No one has to be a scientist to determine that if it took 70 years to destroy two-thirds of the planet’s wildlife (reference below), that we are only about 30-40 years away from destroying the rest. Unless we can get the wealthiest among us to pool their resources immediately to discover and implement technologies to correct this situation, it seems we are plummeting towards extinction. 

Living in Costa Rica for the past decade, the most devastating part of this World Wildlife Federation report to me is that there’s been a 94% drop in wildlife in Central American and the Caribbean! How “sustainable” is that?

We are a species that loves to ignore our problems, but now the number is just too great to ignore any longer. Take a look at the homeless situation in the US West Coast cities – it is out of control. There are thousands of mentally ill and drug-addicted people wandering the streets of our greatest technological cities, and no one knows what to do! Love is gone!

It seems the only way for us to survive this is for an idea to take hold immediately in the billionaire community that stops them from competing with one another for power and turns their attention collectively to our habitat. We are consuming the planet we are standing on! It’s as if all the powerful people need to be taught that “you don’t shit where you sleep!” Even animals know this! Going to Mars seems to be their solution instead!

When considering the possible combinations between:

  1. The melting of the polar caps.
  2. Mass coral bleaching.
  3. Carbon emissions from hundreds of millions of vehicles.
  4. Emissions from meat production.
  5. Plastic contaminations in the oceans.
  6. Our worst hurricane seasons on record.
  7. Out-of-control deforestation by fires.
  8. Stripping of the Earth for rare minerals in technology production.
  9. Further pandemics from species encroachment/wet markets.
  10. Our severe freshwater shortage. 

This list can continue seemingly endlessly! I’m 100% certain we cannot continue occupying this planet in this fashion! 

Two hundred fifty humans are being born every minute, and only one hundred twenty are dying – Google it. The mass starvation that ahead seems evident to me. We have the most urgent need for immediate population control. Do you see this ending differently?

(respectfully) I’m alarmed that our most “enlightened” leaders aren’t speaking 24/7 about this situation. Do they know something I don’t? Some would say, “It’s all Divine Leela – what’s going to happen, will happen.” What’s happening in my investigations is that our habitat is becoming unlivable for most humans. What Yoga will there be when most of the planet is uninhabitable? 

As humans, we love to turn our heads at the drunk lying in the street. But we just cannot anymore! The drunk is outside our doors 24/7! 

Can you please post your comments and let me know your thoughts about this? I feel like we should all be in an emergency posture to repair our habitat before it collapses. Am I over-reacting? 



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