We got married in December 99 and went for a Mauritius trip borrowing a Japanese shutter camera of a rich client of my father in law to capture the ever precious moments! He flaunted the shining silver colour camera packed in a black cushiony bag with a zip around and a long strap to hang it in our necks ,and instructed us to use it very carefully..
Its not that we dint have a camera back then but with average Kodak and minolta minni cameras there was no high definition pictures we could get to cherish whole life and later show our kids how dashing their parents were..atleast we thought so! Every other person we met at Mauritius we used to pose and request to click our photo ,explaining an eagle shaped immage will he see in lense ,he should cover that much part! But buying a good quality camera remained our dream then..
Though now mobiles have solved all the hassle of carrying and maintaining a cumbersome camera! Any ways ,Lawyer’s practice usually takes time to get established initially as know one trusts a black haired, young skinned guy with his knowledge and skills but buying a good handy cam was our dream to capture our daughter first crawling ,first step ,how she sang in her totlee voice…” meleee shoni melee tammana ,jhooth nahi sach hai mela pyaar” but our earning were just not enough at times even to go to a restaurant once a month let alone filling electricity, cable ,water and house tax bills and the ever hiking petrol and milk prices! In 2004 on last day of court before summer break starts that’s 31st may , .my husband called me from his big Nokia phone.
Prepare chai and pakore i have big surprise for you! So at his evening court returning time of 5.30pm i made some paneer pakoras sprinkled with chaat masala to be served with taj mahal elaichi tea in our white coloured hitkari mugs! He rang the bell and my daughter and i rushed to him..
Show us surprise, show us surprise! From hiding back in his hands he presented to us a big canvass bag of olive green colour and announced…” now we can capture our special moments too! We r proud owners of a handy cam” my daughtter clapped in joy and jumped! We opened the handy cam s flaps and tried to focus it in all ways to capture our Pakkora eating party…we but couldn’t operate it! Meanwhile i asked my husband how did you afford to buy such an expensive equipment..at that he proudly said while returning from court a black and and oriental featured duo stopped him on Tilak bridge red light and requested him to exchange there currency as they had exausted there Indian currency and needed cash to go for visa extention at embessy for auto fair and food etc ,to which my husband said sorry he couldn’t help
..he suddenly saw them carrying a handycam and found a good opportunity to make our dream of possesing it come true ,he offered them 1,200 rs which was the only amount he as a budding lawyer had and told me proudly thats called a DEAL ! So we decided that i should visit our local photographer and learn how to operate our handycam and its functions! I was so excited that dint even comb my hair ,put lipstic but went in my hawaaii chappals only to the basement Photographer…Rama colours…as i stepped down each stair and could see the photographer and his assistant seeing handycam in my hands they both screamed laughingly..

Ek aur murgaa fansa..( one more befooled! ) ..
I went near them puzzled and they said u r the 7th victim in 4 days to be cheated and duped…this is a fancy dabba ..
Which can’t even play radio songs…
Mr lawyer was Duped and so was our dream of ever owning a handy cam!