Our mind creates,  sustains and destroys the dream world in the dream state. After waking, we come to know that,  the dream world was just an illusion/ mithya.
In the same way, the world we see in waking state, is also a dream / mithya world for the awakened Master. For Him jagrat avastha/ waking state is also a long dream. That’s why He lives in it as if playing the roles in a drama.
In crude sense,  ” Whatever we know through our five senses is our world. So in that context,  everybody’s world is different. E.g. My world includes the things and beings in my personal, professional and social life. The extent my mind and intellect reaches to that extent my world is narrow or vast.

So as an ignorant being, I go on creating the new world every now and then by adding the things and beings and resulting events thereby under the power of Maya.

Desires come….I think how to fullfil it….and I act to get it accomplished. This cycle will go on till I become desireless by Self Realisation, which is too far…..remote…. 😑( After that there will be no (real) world for me. )
Thus at present, I am engaged in enjoying the ignorance. 😊

I am the creator, sustainer and destroyer of my own world under the power of Maya.

Everything was going on well, in my professional, social and personal life. There was sameness, calmness, no turbulence of waves or bubbles. Everything was at peace.( This homogeneous calmness is simulated with the dissolution state of my cute and small world)

Then one day, desire came in my mind to create some newness. ( new world). probably maya memsaab is now taking over the stillness, only to create ripples.

Its ok. It doesn’t matter for me now….Let it/ Maya play….I will enjoy….)

So I contemplated upon the desire to enter in a new world (now I have to play as tiny Brahmaji.)  So planning started about what, where and how. The subtle (invisible) world is created in the mind and then started getting manifested in gross way. ( same as we learned in vedanta. Desire_Thoughts_Actions)

This is how, I created a totally different world just by mere sankalp and working over it sincerely to get it accomplished.

Day 1 world-

I was sitting quietly on the upper berth, just watching and observing every thing happening in our train compartment. My hand bag was half filled with handkeys,  tablet, medicine box( I keep enough stock of necessary medicines which are

required during traveling to help the co-passengers if need arises), one bottle of mukhvaas( sounf,til,ajawain and flaxseed mixture), sanitizer bottle, few masks and ample amount of chocolates ( I don’t speak much with the people,  but yes, kids are my favorite species. I speak with them through the chocolates- this is how action speaks louder than words 😉Just joking…)

I was observing the gujrathi family ( An old mother, her daughter, 4 yrs old grandson and 10 yrs old granddaughter, all were going to Mayaka…Ahmadabad) continuously talking with each others. Two kids were fighting with each other for no reason.
There was a military man sitting on the lower berth busy in his mobile rituals continously.
My husband is a restless soul, who always seeks someone to talk with. Instead of resting on his allotted berth, he was sitting on the lower seat among the gujrathi family members. Slowly he started conversing with them…..and became one of them… I was anticipating his next move and lo…..he executed it well.
He started sharing the idli chutney and paratha ( I made early in the morning) with the kids first and then the elder ones,  only to take out their gujarathi khana khajana and it worked….! 
The military man was reserved kind of soul but forcefully made to open up. And he too……..became one with all…..( I picked up only one information that he was posted in naxalite area and now was going to see his family.)

My son and his friend both were lying on the upper berth

opposite to each other…Speaking few words and laughing in between.  They have taken a role of only hearing the conversation going on in the lower world.
I was observing myself and both upper and lower world.
( lower world – because there was interaction only at gross level. No pause in between words or sentences even to ponder or silence. And they were enjoying it like anything. Upper world – because there was much silence…external as well as internal. We were not tamasic/sleeping but reflecting over the knowledge we got in theory classes. We were observing the play of three gunas in whole compartment as well as in our own minds. We were maintaining silence, and lower world was maintaining its strength to pull us in between. )
Few questions like how do you make thepala, and which school the children are going to were in my domain.

chocolates and chocopies got distributed to kids. ( mind well, I am just as a porter, and handed over the chocolates to the kids, they were destined to get through me. 🤗Probably I must have snatched the chocolates from them in previous birth, that’s why they came to recover it…..)
Rest of my interaction was only in yes,no, nodding, and smiling.
Again I experienced the well known quote.
The extent you get involved in the world, to that extent you gain or lose. No involvement- no loss- no gain.😐
( My husband got a whole thepala, I got one small piece. Ha….ha…..)🤣

Neither Flight tickets nor 2tier AC train tickets were available on 13 & 14 April.  But our sankalp was drudh…so to

accomplish that, we accepted 3 tire AC on 13 th.
So no one but I was responsible for day 1 world,  I was enjoying in the train compartment.
Maya power has made me a tiny Lord Brahmaji. Now for rest of the 16 hours (till midnight) I have to sustain this world like tiny Lord vishnuji and destroy it at midnight like tiny Lord Maheshji….only to create a new world of tomorrow. ( Nirguna Brahma doesn’t create anything.  When It is associated with Maya, It is labeled as Saguna Brahman.  Anything created, sustained and destroyed comes under the domain of trinity – Lord Brahma Lord Vishnu Lord Mahesh (saguna)…….It happened exactly like this….

Today’s world was all about giving, taking, sharing, smiling, laughing at gross level. ( It was as if debt is getting cleared…).

At the midnight, at 00.30hr, time came to dissolve this today’s temporary world. We all parted saying goodbye…
now let’s be silent for sometime….it’s the phase of dissolution.
New world of day 2 creation, in next part…

            Hari Om !

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