This quote flashed in the morning as soon as I opened the Black Lotus app. The thoughts in my mind ransacked me and from one thought to another, and it was nearly 5 minutes when I could come back from those mammoth of thoughts which just took me by storm, and this is not something new it happens all the time, and I am not the only one who faces this problem.

Thus, I decided to be more mindful today, but all in vain.

But what is that which made me write today? It was that our mind is always like this. It doesn’t matter at what age or stage; our minds are constantly bombarded with thoughts. These thoughts are always based on the mindset that we are going through at that particular time. This thought can be of any kind, but what is my personal experience?

It can be

·         Pressure at home

·         Pressure at work

·         Some deadlines to be met

·         Installments to be paid

·         Something to be bought

·         Something that needs your attention

·         Illness in family

·         Or maybe some dark fantasies of our life.


But what is true? Is it the mind, or is it the pressure that we take to fulfill the never-ending desires of ours.

When we introspect our life, we can quickly analyze that we cannot always fulfill our desires, but we can always be content. What is it like to be happy in the present, and what is it like to be content with what we have. This is tough to practice as we all are under continuous pressure from our peers and society. Still, we can draw a line that makes it important for us to choose to be happy or always run behind what we want, as that won’t ever end.

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