Living in a society, where success is defined by collective perception can lead us to feel unconfident at times, particularly if our achievements do not meet the standard of the community we live in. This awareness can also bring us into self-pity-party, comparing ourselves with people around us.

In conventional culture, where strengths are more valued, it is not consistently easy to approve the true nature of ourselves. In the long term, this condition does not only mentally and emotionally damage us but likewise causes us to reject our identity as individual.

In my opinion, the first step to deal with unrealistic societal expectation is in being comfortable with our shortcomings and limitations. When acknowledging our imperfections, we can release burden of constantly acting right or being seen appropriated by others.

Contrary to popular belief, I think having weakness is favorable. As we will only thrive when perfection does not exist. Embracing our flaws can effectively be catalyst for inner growth as well. 

If we can do that, other people can possess the same capacity to accept us for who we truly are and isn’t it liberating to see ourselves as imperfect being for there is no end to work on ourselves and expand our potentials?

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