The faults in our Stars are but pathways to know and overcome our past Karmic Scars,
Karma is the Universal law of Action which keeps us bounded to certain planets and stars,
It is the residue and unconscious conditioning we carry forward when we shed the body at last,
Depending on an environment either of love or hate,
One becomes either flexible or steadfast,
One grows either to surrender to fate, fight it through hate or to use it as a road-map and discard it when one overcomes Karma’s fate!

You believe in it or you don’t,
The universal laws work above the sanction of human mind,
Which itself in its physical state is under dilemma and conflict’s ever-growing bind,
The bind is strong and tight,
It limits intelligence to mere memory and logical reasoning’s might,
Putting many young minds in a brawl,
To make them Challenge and fight the invisible stars to foolishly stroll,
To stroll and curse throughout their life,
To challenge and say they are not servants to their stellar strives,
They disbelief and throw anger and rage,
They don’t understand that this only constricts them to a RIGID CAGE!!

A rigid cage of anger, hate, arrogance and pride,
When they win they win because of their efforts,
But when they lose they lose because of bad luck’s discomfort,
These are hypocrites of one nature, only a few who challenge and rise above, Rise through GRATITUDE and HUMBLENESS,
The other’s will fight and curse, burn and nurse their rigid steadfastness!

The fault in our Stars are but pathways to mend our Karmic Scars,
Put purposely for us to realise our limitations and set our Will power to overcome the binding Taars, (strings)
The body and the physical mind are indeed bounded by the shackles of the past,
Which the Soul imbibes even after shedding the current body at last,
These karmic imprints are the footprints of our desires hidden in our causal cast, (Vasanas)
Perpetually tuning our subconscious mind to attract and fulfil these unfulfilled desires fast,
So that once these are fulfilled one can get free from the cycles of death and birth,
And awaken in the universe eternally being above yet one with the earth!!

But the more one tries to fulfil these Vasanas as they say,
They collect and create more Karma stocking them like fresh refreshing hay,
On which the planets and astrological elements ruminate everyday,
Leading to the development of unconscious cyclical patterns,
Many people are made scared of being affected by Malefic Saturn,
Many exploit and scare people in the name of Mars and Sun,
Where they end up creating fear and unnecessary hate,
They make many unconsciously depend on their fate,
They say it is not possible to escape the Karmic gate,
Whereas they don’t know the planets and stars only affect that of the physical paste!

As Paramhansa Yogananda Guruji said, ” The seeds of the past Karma cannot germinate if roasted in Divine fires of wisdom!”,

How do you think this Divine fire of wisdom will IGNITE in you?
When you are clouded by hate, anger, bitterness, arrogance and pride?
When you credit all the success to you and you term your failure as bad luck?
Wisdom is born in those who observe and then take part,
Those who broaden their horizons and perception’s cart,
And in those who have courage to accept and mend their broken heart!!

Peace and stillness follow the one’s with wisdom,
Helping them understand the role karma played during the time of conflict and conundrum!!

Vedant Ranadive

This is a poem which is one of the strongest realisations of my life. I wrote this after I contemplated deeply on The 16th chapter of Autobiography of A Yogi- Paramhansa Yogananda, back when I was trying to understand about what place do these stars and astrological elements have to signify. This particular chapter is one of my favourite chapters from this book, and this made me realise that the more I hate, complain and blame my stars and planets, and other people or circumstances and life situations for my failure or my sadness and struggle the more I will come under their influence. Whereas the more I depend on my heart and develop gratitude, compassion and acceptance within, the more I move away and be uninfluenced from these stellar conjunctions!

I read this book somewhere in 2019, and after a few months  I read a few of Swamiji’s books and I saw the same approach, about how he discarded his astrological chart one day. These stories and books have inspired me and helped me believe more strongly to look within and they have enlightened me and helped me overcome my fear, hate and anger towards astrology.

Ah, been a long time I know, well it’s good to be back!! 

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