We all have things that if we don’t do, we feel like we can’t live. We all have many of these. I used to have three things that I couldn’t live without if I did or didn’t.

It’s perplexing, they’re:

I hate to eat curd.
I can’t eat any dal without chilli.
I can’t go a day without playing outside.
I have overcome the first and second, but doing the third was my hardest.

One day, I thought that I was not being good by playing; I have leg pains, get angry about losing, and I get colds because of playing. That day, only “Om Swami Ji” kept a blog on “Thyaga”. I read it and decided to not go to play daily. It has been like 15–20 days since I stopped playing continuously. 

I also took many breaks last time to stop playing but failed. I also didn’t eat or drink curd for five years, but I drank and left the dislikeness. I also stopped eating the chilli with the dal. Now I eat the chilli with dal but with no attachment.



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