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Welcome to the second part of overcoming the insecurity!

So, as I felt low about myself, I decided to know what exactly my problem is. I felt the deep urge to work on it. Thanks to my reading habit that helped me discover what I’m feeling is nothing but my own thoughts about myself. I had a desire to reach a finish line in finding the problems. I started to read more and more about it as well as the experiences of people who had gone through it. It helped me to believe that I CAN DO IT! I read the articles on human psychology and that helped me to overcome self-doubting thoughts.

Many a times, we are fantasized by perfect-life concept alienating us from reality of what gives us an identity. We always talk about the accomplishments and our strengths but scare to discuss our failures and weaknesses. We easily talk over latest web series or TV shows but rarely discuss about the thinking monsters in our brain, because we’ve a fear to be judged by people. It’s interesting to note: how unwilling we’re to talk about them! The root of all these things is we’ve an addiction to the labels by the society, even if we acknowledge it or not. We always look to define ourselves perfect. We’ don’t like the way anyone put the wrong label. And here lies the problem…

So, how to defeat it? Answer to this is stop making excuses and start taking responsibility for the problem. When we realize our problem is not created by external factors, we learn how to fix the problem. The biggest challenge in overcoming a problem is we’ve lived with the thoughts of opinions about ourselves, believing them to be true. It’s hard to get out of those thoughts particularly when we ourselves had created in our heads. And for this, we need to change these opinions in a positive way or to review our past experiences in different perspectives.

And, the last but not least part is, creating the desired future without having any limits. Remember they say, ‘Sky is the limit!’ Be clear about what you need to get and believe in yourself to achieve the goals. Be the writer of your own story and tell better stories than everyone else. So, take ownership, and make your own luck!

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