I love to write here on osme. If I don’t write for a few days, I start feeling bad because I love the interaction, I get to have with all the lovely people here. So not writing on osme is a bad dream for me. I always want to catch up and write at least something here.

But there can be limit to how much we can write and that scares me. Sometimes the ideas don’t flow, the creative juices don’t work, you fail to use your creative energies and then you know you have hit a writer’s block. This scares me (though not literally).

Being relevant and keep coming with new ideas to write upon is also a daunting task and I was thinking that I was failing on that but all thanks to this ongoing #TheWriteChoice competition I realized how much I can write on.

Earlier I was thinking to pause writing for some time, because I felt I had no relevant thing to share, but now the stance is otherwise. I created so many posts during these few days and I am happy with myself. Thank you Medha Ji for bringing this competition and engaging us in creative pursuits.

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