Savouring evening tea in my garden, I spotted Madhu passing by. I broadly smiled and waived “Hi!”loudly. She started looking down and increased her pace. I thought she is ignoring me or must be in a hurry or simply won’t be in the mood for starting a conversation.

Sometimes you love your own company and don’t want any intruders. Frequently, I also indulge in a quiet zone without social interactions. So it didn’t bother me. Madhu lives in my neighbourhood, a well educated lady in her late forties. After a few days, the same kind of events happened again.

Later, I came to know that every day, she goes for a meditation group session in the evening. I was aware that she had been facing chronic depression for a few months. Some gynaecological problems and diabetes have added fuel to her current challenge. I have also faced more or less the same situation, two years back. I have shared the same in my blog ‘Phoenix.’ Out of concern, I wanted to have a light chat with her, somehow feeling that I can offer her any kind of help. Although in my heart, I knew that in these situations, it is only YOU who can help YOURSELF with DIVINE GRACE.
One day I got a chance to break the ice. I went to a park near my home for the evening walk. A complete round comprises 600m. It was unusually lonely at that time. In my third round, I found her sitting on a bench, with her earphones plugged. Her body language was revealing that she was listening to music. She was calm, but I chose to continue my rounds without disturbing her until her voice forced me to take a halt. Her hand gestures were conveying me to come back and sit with her.
So, I went smilingly and gave her a warm hug. She removed her earplugs and started crying quietly. I was not prepared for this but I gave her time to mellow down as it was a lonely area of the park. God knows why she chose me to share her miseries as I wasn’t that close to her. She also told me that she has taken a break from work for the past six months as she was not able to cope. She was only coming out of her home to attend her meditation classes and has come to the park after months. She was spiritually healing herself by mediation and chanting. She was taking medicines of all kinds. She said that she didn’t get time or courage to walk or exercise. She was spending two hours in the morning, one hour in the evening and again one hour in night for meditation. Roughly, She was following this routine for two months. I consoled her with my poor communication skills. And told her that according to my understanding she shouldn’t think much, should start walks, exercise or any physical activity she likes.


My own experience while handling life challenges, (physical or psychological) with spiritual ways and observing examples like many Madhus, has forced me to share with you this overrated concept of Spirituality. SRI HARI kindly Forgive me as it may not be acceptable to all. How Mother Divine will Grace me if I meditate upon HER for 4 hours but couldn’t do a brisk walk for 40 minutes? GOD is giving a clear indication that find a middle way, a balanced way. Meditation and only meditation can not be the key to your every problem. All the time sitting and praying is not the solution to every challenge. God helps those who help themselves. It was so simple. Yet I have also wasted, not days, perhaps years that only chanting or meditating upon a form or formless will end my miseries. The more I do, the better is the result? If we are not going to renounce the world, our priorities are different. The proportion of meditation or chanting will change from person, place, and time depending upon the purpose. We are here to live in the SAHA WORLD with its unique challenges. Then what’s the solution?


Somewhere Swamiji expressed that the solution of seemingly very complex tasks lies in simple things. Everyone is unique in terms of one’s Karmas(present or past). So everyone will feel a particular challenge to different extents. Swami Ji said to DISCOVER YOUR  OWN TRUTH. I wish everyone could find an internal guide to know what to do and how much to do. It is not true that only by meditating for hours, we will be enlightened. Following a certain spiritual path or a guru will vanish our challenges or negativities? Reading or listening to the concepts of enlightenment will make you far better than others? At the present moment, what I understood about spirituality is……

  • Make the connection with the divine internally.
  • Transform your thoughts, words, and actions that make you and the persons around you comfortable.
  • Pray for HIS GRACE always. I personally devote my whole existence to HIS LOTUS FEET.
  • My meditation will be my awareness 24*7 in living with love and laughter. And sharing the same with others.
  • Practically, I’ll seek wisdom, compassion and courage from God to take good care of my health so that I can walk on the right path.
    I know most of you must be following the correct way. But as I already shared in my previous posts that whenever I share my week points, l become more conscious and alert to improve. I will look forward to your tips to make me a better Spiritual person than before. I assume Mother Divine saying to me THAT’S MY GIRL.🙂

Note: Name and place of the person mentioned are for giving reference.