Overthinking can be defined as ‘maze of winding thoughts’. You knowingly or unknowingly enter into it and go on…go on…and…on. Thoughts start whirling in your head, they start playing, running,jumping and compete with each other.
In this game, thoughts are participants each of which is trying to prove itself as more relevant, more attractive,more precise.Thoughts play varieties of games sometimes they do racing in which every thought try to overrun other,sometimes they play hurdle racing in which our fear play role of hurdle and thoughts had to jump few feets above to cross each and face another.
But what about the overthinker?
He become like the person who owns the ground in which thoughts are playing without the wish of person and even person is not able to restrict them.There is continuous conflict going on inside him,most importantly when he tries to restrict them, they start playing even faster with more pace,with more frequency because thoughts are like recalcitrant kids. The more you try to suppress it, more intensity they emerge with.
Overthinking in very much proportional to ‘fear of loss’. Fear of losing contacts, fear of losing our loved ones,fear of losing faith,fear of losing social touch,fear of losing dignity etc…etc…
It’s a long tiresome process which consumes our concentration power which acts as glucon d of these kids(thoughts).

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