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Actually I am very much  moved by your POST on ” Ugliness Extended“.  In the first place, I thought to leave a comment on your post, then I decided  it to post with entirety and in brief. 

Mohit Ji, in this era  staying in a Monastery/ Ashrama is no less challenging than  what it appeared  three decades back. One who stays in an Ashram is expected to behave in a certain way, speak and serve for higher purpose of life , viz a viz they provide solace and guidance to co-seekers as well as disciples  and most importantly they have deserted their families, friends and near and dear one’s. At the same time in a country like ours, you know an ashram  has to abide by State,   Central Govt. regulations , policies, instructions on various scales and time to time.  

The one and only consolation  is they are under some Order of Discipline, and by virtue of  self-less service they heal/ connect with  other’s life. For a commoner meaning of other may be a neighbor, co-workers, distant relative, friends, or an acquaintance. For them there is no such word as “Other”! Everything under the sky, even a lump of grass pertains to their care and beseech.  

The Sum and Substance ,  the beginning and end  of a monastic  life focuses on  ” Renunciation “! 

न कर्मणा न प्रजया धनेन त्यागेनैके अमृतत्वमानशुः ।

na karmaṇā na prajayā dhanēna tyāgēnaikē amṛtatvamānaśuḥ ।

That immortality/ Nectar  can neither be attained by wealth, karma, or by offspring. That can only be attained through Vairagya  or Renunciation or Tyaaga.  

Now, coming to 2021 and as you aptly cited your point. I remember M.W. Hungerford said ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder” in somewhere 1880s. Does that phrase is applicable today? If Yes, I disagree with you. Then why we see a Selfie camera in our Android? What are these beautify apps in play station? Why today a matrimonial ad comes with tagline ” Suitable match for very beautiful, fair, slim, girl..”? Why a charming model is hired for commercial  advertisement for even  a matchbox? Why so many cosmetics bring sold to offer fairness? Why beauty parlour! Why Make-up Artists! …

…I guess your  college security guard puts up a bread and mustache resembling that of some BLLLLLLLLLLLWW Star ! If you see Appearances of our national freedom fighters in google pic and next if you watch their re-cast  movies you wonder what a sarcasm! I think if I continue adding up things after some time  I shall completely land up in duality. Negation and abnegation of things or another cosmic law of interconnectedness. 

In brief,  Dear Mohit Ji, with all humbleness my  answer is :-  “Satyam ( Truth ) Shivam( Virtue)  Sundaram( Beauty )” 

Ramdhari Singh Dinkar says in his Rachna Sanghah ”  धूपछाँह ” , Poem: शक्ति या सौंदर्य as below: 

तेल, फुलेल, क्रीम, कंघी से
नकली रूप सजाओगे ?
या असली सौन्दर्य लहू का
आनन पर चमकाओगे ?

Using Cosmetics, Oil, Cream, Comb  should  one smear  one’s look? Or allow  one’s face to get  sheen with a glow of inner Beauty. 

Also, you may refer to One very Direct  post  of Respected  Om Swami Ji that may help you immensely.   

Thank You. 


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