The following story is based on the  experience on the captioned title  Where is God  by Respected Anandi ji. I would like to add something therein with my own understand of a 🍋 Lemon. 

They say

Jo beet Gayi So Baat Gayi,

Jeevan mei ek Sitara tha,

Mana! Mana…  ki Wo Behad Payaara tha! 

The lemon says , ” Naa, Bacchan Saheb, Eaisa nhi hai! 

I am still very much  alive, as long as the Your Madhushala is. I am Still a Star, and An Adorable Lemon. ” 

Lemon continues.. 

“… my story,  I belonged   to an esteemed family of Citrus fruits called Rutaceae. My forefathers had been Sapindales , you see cashews, soap-berry etc are my distant  relatives, much priced  for  human consumption. 

Once I was kept decorated by the leafs, flowers, buds, often nourished by Sun and water.

Xylem and phoelm used to be my best friends who generously feed me, nourished me without hesitation. I used to meditate too, they name  my sadhana photosynthesis, light reaction dark reactions, so much research.. 

I used to be an object of desire for animals, human too. Desire is Good thing, isn’t it! An object of Taste, an object of human Saliva! 

I  didn’t believe in karmic things, they all are bookish things, who cares? Who Cares?  I used to be a copyright of poets who won so many fanciful prizes by depicting my youthful days, my color, my seed, albedo, juice sac, columella and flavours! 

Never felt there could be something or anything invisible , yes! Not even small g. What is that Small g thing? Acceleration due to Gravity  Haha … A mere idea of human beings, pull of gravitation or pull of Maya both bookish! Product of human mind. I felt proud of my Branches, leaf, my day of pollination, thorns and all. 

Until one day, a gust of wind appeared and swindled the Citrus 🌲 Tree. All the so called human theory of stochastic and physics failed to defy the Wind velocity. And that day, one lemon fell on the ground. 

Branch Angle response with the direction of wind, leaf elongation / compression etc all Failed to offer my attachment with the lemon tree. 

I felt Small g, I felt Gravitation for the first time. 

Not a hypotheses but practically, Yes. 

I experienced small g it was nothing but Maya. Once I heard this .. 

The lemon takes a deep breath and says  Maya

“माया महा ठगनी हम जानी
तिरगुन फांस लिए कर डोले बोले मधुरे बानी
“Maya Maha Thagni Hum Jani, Tirgun Faas liye Kar Dole Bole Madhure Baani”

The Lemon says,” for me  Maya is like  Small g! Small g is very deceptive! Isn’t?As long you one pursues small g, one finds it very appropriate thing to chase for but after a time, when one discovers the entire Costoms, soil, PH, Humidity, Temperature, Rain fall, clouds, insects, grass, all are but One manifestation of Maya one gets Awestruck! 

Even searching trending  on internet, ruckus, celebration, love relationship, respect, disrespect all are one. But, to experience and to nab the culprit Maya in my case Small g, one needs to detach oneself from the prangs of Clan, community, or detach from the Branch. To roam in soil, dirt, crawling with insect.. 

Maya maha thagni hum jani. It is aptly said so 

Om Puurnnam-Adah..



Small g is my plane of Completeness, that Small g is infinite for me. It was present when I lived the life of Prince but in some limited scope. Now when I am at this emaciated state of affairs, each passing minutes I see some mili quantity of my juices are drying up, I see myself soiled , I am being eaten up by small creatures , it hurts my entity. 

It hurts!

 But you know this lemon is very much thankful to the gust of wind that snaached its abode, and throw me into reality. Where there is no difference between I and Small g. Small g is I and I am THAT. 

Thank you. The above is merely a work of imagination and Should not be read with emotion. The Story of 🍋 Lemon ends here. 


Thank you for your Act of Kindness Anandi Ji. 

The above scribble of a lemon  may not be substantial without mentioning the  Post of Respected Om Swami on Kindness. I think( that) should be re-read time and again. 


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