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” Good, Tunga If you do not mind can we go for a small stroll outside the Gate, just spare me 15 min..  “

Amur requested. 

They all readily agreed. After paying the bills, they followed Amur outside the main Gate. There was a parking lot beside and some begger were found sleeping near a large Garbage Bin. 

At the same time some dogs were feasting upon the remnant foods,  after that A human like figure was appearing from the darkness, the figure became more prominent and he turned out to be another Begger. 

” Tunga! Your turn now! Go and serve that person, show what you learnt from that IIII online course. ” 

” Yes, Amur.. but I can’t soil my Jacket its very dirt and stingy.. ” He laughs. 

” Ofcourse, You Can’t . Because you want to serve that Person the other way, want to offer him flower while photographers and media around” 

Amur Continues.. 

He looks at Satluj. ” Sattu Beta! God dwells in that. The aim of IIII is to also to serve the humanity at large. IIII is one of such options. Indus, If you have a heart to feel the pulse of This Poor begger you must prepare for IIII and first you must serve him rather than thinking under what circumstances and Situation are responsible for, rather than plotting poverty vs Consumer Index Graph et all.. 

Definitely IIII is one of the  most coveted jobs but NOT for you Sorry , You are unfit Tunga..! Wake up.. ! “

” For you sattu! The detachment is to stay away from playing Games, Chats .. Indus! For you the detachment means not to watch late night movies, your truth is not same! “

” And for you Tunga! This mask of your ego , your Cunning mind is your detachment.. find your truth first then think to swim into IIII”.

Having said that, Amir disappears in the dark slowly. All three stares at each others face, dumb! After few minutes Tunga calls Uncle .. ” Neevu dial maadida chandadaararu busy iddare.. ” 

The call appears busy. 

They returns to the parking lot. An elderly lady approaches them holding a radio in one hand and bowl in another.

Tunga quietly removes his Titan Wrist Watch and keeps in the Bowl, Sattu and Indus keep their mouth wide open in wonder! And suddenly the Phone of Sattu rings , the ringtone plays

” Sujalam, suphalam, malayaja shitalam,
Shasyashyamalam, Mataram!

Mataram… Vandey!”

She does not picks the call. 

Thank you for your read. I repeat IIII , Exams, Plots, characters , scene and persons are fictitious. Not to be imitated, not to be construed emotionally.

Vandey Mataram. 

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