Characters( pseudonym – appear as  names of rivers  ) : Mr. Indus alias Indu (21 yrs)   a student, who  studies in B.Tech IIIrd Year in a Deemed Pvt.  University. Miss  Satluj alias Sattu  ( 18 yrs)  a student , who has just completed class XII Board . Mr. Tungabhadra alias Tunga  (31 yrs )  , A Software Engineer, works in a conglomerate, a bachelor . And Mr. Amur (43 yrs ),  the Protagonist and known as Uncle!   

Venue : Promotion  party of Tungabhadra   at Dominos ,  Bangalore Central Mall, JP Nagar.  

Satluj :” I knew this, Ya!  Uncle won’t come. Every time he makes such silly excuses. ” She looks at Indu after dialing Amur’s number. 

Tunga:” Should we first finish this Veggie Paradize, Indu ” He smiles. 

Satluj : ” WOW ! Accha, Tell me Tunga bro you  work in such a big firm,  please tell me  can I join your BEEEG company ,I also wanna throw such a lavish party one day” 

Indus nodded his head  ” Ha! Ha.. you silly first you have to crack JEE, then B.Tech then Caaaampusssinnn…”

” Bas Bas”

” Ya Chill Sis ! No need to Worry, Your Big Bro Here so  why you  Fear!  ” 

” Its very simple,  believe me! ” He nodded his head like Big ” KKK”  of BBBLLYWWWDD  . 

” What is there in exam! Exam kya hota hai !  Just some random  objective Questions – options A, B, C.. then some guess work, IQs  and you are such a brilliant student, Sattu I Damn know, definitely you will, Exam to bahut hote hain Magar  baap  ek hi hota hai !  THIRTEEN  Idiots ” 

” Thanks for your compliments Bro! Right Thirteen Idiots Rocks ” 

Tunga was quite put off, he continues 

” Indu , you know your big Bro is now attempting IIII Exam. I’ve joined Online classroom for IIIII! IIII! .. Only sky is the limit. One day Your Amur Uncle shall Salute me!  You are seeing this Allen Solly jacket for the last time, on my next treat I shall come with my  Uniform, Guards , with PAs..”

Indus :” Baap re! Tunga Bro,  please tell me na how to prepare for IIII?  Whenever I ask this to Uncle he never replies and mostly skips this question .. ” 

Satluj : ” Dumboo Indu! you know ya , my friend’s cousin  cleared this  exam in First Attempt! and you know what He is married to Actress  Yangtze! ” 

Indus : ” Oh! MY … OH my Goooo… YANGTZEE …” He screams as if somebody has stolen his Andriod handset.  

 ”  Buddhu ! I have seem some motivational videos in Youtube ! Some very simple looking guys appear to have cracked this exam, our Big Bro is much  handsome and stunning! Definitely He will look like Inspector  Choolbul PANDAV . “

” No Indu ! he looks like Professora Sergio Marquina of Money Heist..” Satluj said in a heavily Italian accented voice.    

Tunga adds ” Maarenge bhi hum, rokeinge  bhi hum. Yeh aapki  aatma dekhegi aur  kuch nahi kar payegi…  ” All burst out laughing. 

Suddenly a voice rang in everybody’s ear , He is Amur. 

” Wah! Tunga Bro.. Good Evening  …”

Satluj and Indus makes him to sit beside. Amur pulls the chair away from Tunga and sits diagonally opposite to him .

” Tunga ! why don’t you apply for  the Screen test of BBBBBLLYWWWDD  MVVVIIIESSS  bro ! there such Choolbul things are written, sung and popularized there. You’re simply applying your PR things before these youngsters,  they aren’t your corporate clients, neither they are going to give you some ratings , perks on your leadership skills  ! “

Satluj orders coffee and beverages. An  uncomfortable silence prevails. 

” Satluj ! and Indus! first tell me what you know about IIII Services ?” 

Tunga who is always an adept of handling such customer-unfriendly responses in his work place, interrupts  sips his coffee and with British accent replies   ” Well ! IIII Services is the Most Premier services in our country, in terms of Stability, Security and Prestige. They rule our  country. I mean, they are the karta-dharta executors of all Plans, positions of immense respect and society salutes  them  ” 

 Satluj adds ” I saw in videos they who read ZCERT books can clear this exam easily , only 7th to 12th History Geo Civics .. my father always wanted me to study Arts but I never took this seriously..” She ends her conversation with gloomy face.

Tunga heralds her point , ” Yes! ZCERT and some basic Current affairs things are just suffice for this exam”. 

Now everybody sees face of Amur, as if Buddha was about to say something under the Bodhi Tree. ” You got it Right Tunga! You Got it Right….” 

To BE Cont. 

All the Characters , Events, Objects , Name of Sevice as well as references are Purely work of Imagination. These should never be taken as Authentic. 

Thank You. For part 2

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