Pain and more pain
Day after day
Months and years have gone by
But you never let go
Each day you test me some more
Chisel me

Push me through the quirky door

Soft and subtle were my ways
But that’s not what catches your gaze
It’s the roar of a demon
The fright of a yogi
The howling of a bhogi
You hear them all
But my painful cries
You never seem to care after all

I wish I was loud
Louder than the thunders
I wish I was cold
Colder than ice
I was I was thorny
Like the patches in a rose

But I am not this
And can never be
It is my soft and somber cries
With which I weep
You hear me not O’ Lord

But hear me O Lord!!

Are You not the same merciful Lord ?

or  why make the ones like me

Fill this playful world of Yours
With demons and more
For the silly ones of my likes
You’ve made no place 
Let us all leave
Your shores
Forever lost in never-land

Not a sign
Will be left behind
No one to cry
No one with pain
Fill this world of yours

With the ones you hear and fear


O Lord Please forgive my audacious cries for the howling of a rebellious child! Sometimes I really miss You…
Please talk to me or send a sign! 
Silly prayers I do send sometimes
For  Silly I am, Silly I will be!