I was so sad inside

None knows that

I don’t wanna share my pain

It’s eating me inside like anything 

Beyond measure 

Life has offered so much of pain

Wanting to release

No shoulder to rely

Didn’t share it with any one

Though wanna share with my friend

Feeling so down

Holding myself from sharing

That’s something I always do

One that I can rid 

But not do

As I came 

To share

But hid my truth

From the one I love

The one I can trust and rely

I am grateful to God to have blessed me

With the beautiful soul

Who takes care me

Like his own being

Is an angel to me

And I love the most

From the bottom of my being

So much offer

Find so less

I offer myself 

O my dear

That is what 

I have for you….


Some times life knocks you so hard that it’s good to share your pain with the closed ones. So as to bring out of that and make you feel balanced and clear. So, we never keep things with oneself and start sharing so that you know how to Express o self in fro t to make yourself understood better. I learnt it hard ways. Hope, others develop it before time runs out. So enjoy healthy bondings.


Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Thank you os.me family for reading and encouraging me. It really fills me with warmth and confidence. keep encouraging.