Keeping side my Little Journey’s final post a side. Today I am writing a very little incident happen some days before. After three months gap my company called me for work. I was also feeling bore without work. Finally I decided to come Delhi and start my work for the company. It was Company’s Quarterly audit time. Time has been fixed already for publishing result in stock exchange on before Diwali. Everything was not going my side. Because the person who was looking a project company had resigned. His company allotted to me. There was a special field in this company where I was little week. But I was confident that my ex colleague definitely will help me on this field. What I was not aware that he resigned due some issue and his relation with company had ended with unsatisfactory. when time came for this work my senior pressurized me complete your work and  we are moving very first to wards assigned time. Before telling about a little pain, I want to clear that my family was not currently with me. I have to prepare my breakfast, lunch tea and dinner for me. Some extra precaution also have to take for Covid.

Suddenly one morning I felt normal fever, I took paracetamol after lunch, but not able to work. Second day it become little intense. So my family also depressed because of Covid situation. Some days before my brother in-law died in Covid. So everyone was on panic. They pressured me to visit a doctor. So on that morning I visited doctor, He checked and told me some of test including Covid test, and told me that don’t take rice as meal. Take chapati instead of Rice. I was very good in preparing meal but chapati was not my cup of tea. I never prepared it. I was suffering in fever and I was in extra mental pressure due to Covid spread. Next day I first visited to a government Covid test center, where I gave my test, the result was my favour (negative). That was rapid antigen test, but my family advised do RT PCR test. I was totally week but one thing in my mind how to prepare chapati . My family also advised me that don’t order food from outside. So I had One option,I have to prepare chapati. One of my college friend stay near to my building. One day morning and evening he prepared chapati for me. One thing come to my mind that If I have Covid Virus that will transfer to my friend. So I told him that don’t come I will somehow manage. Might be he relaxed from pressure for  not serving me chapati but infection of Covid.

Next day morning I did every test including Covid RT PCR test. And the Covid Test result will come two days later. The next morning both Typhoid and Dengue test result came. I had both positive, serious week ness in my body and platelet downed little. The big task was how to prepare chapati for me. I remembered that time who, when and how they prepare chapati. I start same; you might not believe it was also beyond my imagination. On first attempt I prepared good chapati, it was not perfectly round shape but in taste it was good. I took photo and send to my wife, She & my mother answered me that you prepared good chapati as compare to me. The next day Covid test result came I was negative. But I had weakness in my body due dengue. My doctor was genuinely not good doctor, he was best. He suggested me how to take care at the time of both infection. I came out this pain within few days. On the same time my ex colleague did not helped me. We are nearer the time to publish result. But some miracle happened with me. where I was stuck , that work happened with a minute. My senior asked how you managed. I told him someone is there to help.

One thing that I learned how to make chapati. I am sure If did not faced this situation  I might not able to prepare chapati. Now chapati becomes part of my daily meal. So Pain is inconvenient but inevitable. I am closing my post by saying I also feel fear on pain. But it is necessary.


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