Pain is not a stranger to any of us. It greets us every now and then, sometimes with a letter, an email, from across the street, but the worst is when he barges into your own into our house. This is when he causes the most suffering. This is when he scrapes off our will power, pours acid over our strengths, stabs the compassion we have, and repeats it all over. Every cry of yours’s sends waves of pleasure through him. Sometimes Pain skins you alive, stripping you of your faith, this kills not you, but a part of you.

The interesting thing about Pain is that the more we try to shoo him away the more aware we become of his presence. The more we cry out the longer he stays. Pain is extremely dangerous not because of the torture we go through during his visits, but because his greetings become addictive. We start inviting him over. The wounds heal, but the addiction grows stronger. And like any addict, we never accept that we are addicted

Shout out for if Pain’s presence becomes unbearable, but for help not merely by his presence. Take care do not cry out on every cut, scrape or due to the intensity of his presence. Defy him. This weakens him, makes his visits shorter and greetings more infrequent. Remember help always comes, but you have to ask for it, sometimes yell for it to come. Have faith it will come, it might take some time, but it will come without fail because God never leaves our side.

Pain will not stop greeting you, the gentleman he is, but the frequency reduces especially of the visits, and they surely become more bearable if you deny him the pleasure of your suffering. But, you have to remember to not to get addicted, and always have faith in His help and your strength. Don’t mistake Pain for your enemy, he is your friend, the kind your mother tells you to stay away from. Pain’s company is extremely important, in small doses though, he teaches you that despite his unasked for visits, suffering is in your hands. Pain teaches you the value of good times and many other valuable lessons which are unique to each of us. What has this mutual friend of ours taught You?