Art of meditation practised by buddhist monk in nature ”Be blissful”

We are merely the thoughts that we entertain. Our thoughts define our life. To be in a state of continuous happiness seems near to impossible but it is not difficult at all. In my view and observation, gratefulness for everything in our life, how small it seems can alter our energy. Gratitude to the Universe for a sunny day in winter to a cool breeze in Summer or simply for the life we have seems silly, doesn’t it? After all who does that, but that’s what exactly we have to do, practise Gratitude in every possible way, in every breath, and see the miracle. Whenever I go for a routine check-up for any hereditary illness and the reports come in negative, I pay sincere gratitude to the universe. Nothing in this world is more precious than good sound health. I follow the book “Wellness Sense “ by Om Swamiji to the core.  A mere disturbed sleep of one night can affect the next morning’s meditation session. So being grateful for a good nights sleep, how mundane may it seems is also important. We should be grateful for every small thing in our life. Gratefulness and bliss fullness are synonymous after all.

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