The word ‘equality’ means state of being equal where there is no discrimination. Nowadays, we see every people fighting for equality whether it is for gender or caste or race or religion.Now questions come why inequality exist?  Human mind has the power of discrimination. It is because of it we like certain colour,we like certain number etc . No two person can possess same character. Even twins are different from each other based on their inborn habits. It shows that each person in this world is unique and should be appreciated. For example, all fingers of hand are not equal but it doesn’t lessen their importance. Each finger is equal important.Our society has gone through many division. Division based on caste or race or gender etc. Even after education, inequality exist in the society. Among all inequality, gender inequality is the strongest. It still has it root.

I will tell you story of ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was divided into small states. These states were always involved in fight with each other for power and dominance. Years after years , men used to involve in fighting and whenever they used to come home, they were involved in sexual activity with their female partner. This created frustration among the women of the society. It irritated so much that they revolted against men by not indulging in sexual activity with their partners. This revolt resulted in the total stop of war. Men in the army refused to fight and peace was restored.  Such is the power of women. So, we all responsible for global peace in the world. There is nobody to blame.
Another example, I would like to quote. This is example is from my school life. I was very influence by a famous english teacher. Her name was Varsha Maam. She used to teach english grammar to class 8 students. I still remember her as methodology of teaching was unique. Once she was teaching all of us and I was sitting near window. Suddenly it started raining.  She told me” Sanjay, it is drizzling so please close window”. I still remember word drizzling. This is how she used words to improve our vocabulary. Now coming to point. She was only teacher who never diffentiated between boys and girls. It during her period, she made arrangements so that each boy to sit next to girl. Otherwise in other period, boys used to sit with boy and girl used to sit with girl.
Men and women should walk from shoulder to shoulder in every aspect of life. Only reason, one find men should protect women is at the time of pregnancy. During the time of pregnancy, woman become physically and emotionally weak. It is during this period, they need strong help. For example, if during this period, there is attack from enemy side. Men need to laid down their lives to protect women so that they can save two lives. Other that this condition, one will find no reason to protect women. But today in our society, I see men trying to give pseudo protection to women for small reason. By this act, they are not only making women handicapped but also restricting their freedom. On the other hand, I see woman seeking pseudo protection from men for small things. This is not only creating scepticism in the society but also diluting the faith of men towards women in the society. Movies are distorting the view of the society. Except few movies, most of the movies are simply unrealistic. Reality is totally different from what we see. It is better to live in reality than spending time in day dreaming.
Anybody who have studied history of the world will come to know that men has always come to rescue women in the society whether it is sati system or abolition of purdah system. The time has come where women need to wake up and walk shoulder to shoulder with men. Women need to come out of traditional belief deep inherited in their DNA. Even in the age of technology, we still hold to traditional belief then it is us who are to be blame. Society needs to absolutely unbiased. It should neither favour men nor women. If equality in the society is restored, then peace is bound to come. This can only come by changing our perception. Once individual changes the perception, he or she can view things from different angle. Things will not be same for that individual. Perception can only be developed by widening our wisdom. Mere superficial knowledge can’t turn things around. Change is the only thing, we need to accept. It is only thing which is constant.

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