Blog- Parental’s love shapes the children
Love becomes perfect only when it transcends itself with in you , the essence of love is to be in love .
The full form of LIFE is “ Love Invited For Ever “. It is very important factor in life , deprivation of love in life is the killing factor , all comfort level would be in denial mode .
Parental’s  love shapes the child in his behavior , in his education , in his career , even in his married life also .It is called art of parenting.  Parental love is like a helicopter hovering over children, keeping an eye on every aspect of his life . It is also the wind under wing of children by which they can fly in their life.
Children are the continuation of their parents and grand parents , therefore Love  is the main in gradient in the life of children  .Biologically , when you render love to child , there is good hormones secrete in the blood stream of child as as a result of it he rejoices  and feel happy .
Love 💔 is not a thing to achieve or to be given to others but when your ego is no more , love naturally emerges.


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