When I recall my childhood, I feel it’s just a few years back. No sooner than I observe my children growing, I realise that the world is changing, we are changing and the era too is changing. 

Values which were easy to imbibe, just by listening to our grandparents’ stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata, fairy tales and Jataka tales, are no longer easy to inculcate in our children. The reasons sometimes ignored!! 
As parents, we are running after our careers, fitness routines, social status, and hardly are able to give quality time to our children. When their innocent eyes want us to be around them, cuddle them, listen to their same stories many times, we often deny them those moments and soon they turn out to be teenagers who are moody, cranky and irritated all the time. 

Human beings are good in conveniently ignoring their flaws and blaming every other thing, than their own mistakes. 

To be good parents and enjoy our child’s company even  after they grow up, we need to be very patient, kind and empathetic towards them. 
Being a working mom earlier, I realise it’s not an easy job. We have our own challenges, but remember when we plan our baby it is our prime responsibility to offer them the best experience of life, from our learnings through our journey of life.

Hold them today, tomorrow they will fly so far from you, their emotions will die.

Hold them today to show them that the world is a dark place and let them learn how to face it.

Hold them today to share your problems, troubles and joys, for tomorrow they should not feel uncomfortable and shy in this world.

To be successful parents, we must invest our time and energy in our children. So, they become so capable that they can face any challenge, any failure, and task in this world.

To become your child’s best friend, best guide his/ her favourite person first you need to be childlike with them. Empathise with their challenges, feelings and emotions; at the same time be their guide with little stern instructions. Life will be magical, with a happy, happy feeling.

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