People often tend to say the when parents they take a part of us with them and the world comes to an end…. House looks empty, there is a vacuum which can never be filled and life is never the same again.. I personally feel that parents live forever and its” US” who forget them.
For example, a brother has eyes of a beloved father, a sister the pretty face like the compassionate mother… Parents never die, they never leave us, and they love and live among us. We are all reflections of our parents and they continue to live in us.
The garden of love that our parents cultivate and grow with love from the day we are born, with the hard work of their tears and blood will continue to bloom, unaffected by the cycles of tough, rough weathers of life. They will shelter us forever in tough times, but we tend to forget all their hard work and destroy their paradise with our anger, selfishness, hatred and jealously….Parents never die it we who put them to death.
Hence let’s all learn to love our parents both when they are alive and after they leave us. Continue to feed the garden that parents cultivated with their love and compassion so that it never stops blooming. By doing this, we will make out world a living paradise on earth…a heaven that only knows the language of love, compassion, care, respect and it has you with your loved ones around you.