Todays post is of a mediocre and average student,professional or human being syndrome…why is it that most of those whom we talk to were most of the time in top 10 rank of the class? In an average class of 40 there must be next 30 too who too are doing something in life or the average mediocre thailaaa chhaps. As most little kids i think my parental training too till 3 years was to tell when a typical question is asked….whom do u love more mumma or papa or bete what profession will u choose and most kids say Doctor….my answers kept changing..every two years.. 3 to 5 years it was inspector for cleanliness reason being parent had taught as soon u see a bolder or stone on the way remove it. 5 to 7 years…i wanted to be a traffic cop as i loved the way they could stop all traffic…i had even learnt each moment at traffic signal! Oh how i loved standing in front of my father s 2 wheeler and waitng at red light and watching those elegant movements of Traffic controller..what a power there whistle had. From 7 to 9 years i was sure i ll open a halwaaee ki dukan…how i loved golgappe and jalebee…so plan was to eat my own shop s paani poori whenever mouse jump in my tummy and being business mind i thought we can have a gulab jamun shop adjacent so that chilli tunged can have a quick fix! I was chubby and glutton enough to make Roshan dee kulfi waala s owner direct his staff to treat me with free kulfi once he saw my licious Rabree eating skills. 9 to 11 years was sure shot plan to be a Band waali …i loved their attire and each day i ll get a chance to see happy people dancing and have baraat kaa khaana…i even ensured i hold a trumpet of any bandwala bhaiya travelling with me in public bus when i was sitting and they dint have space to sit…so i could feel the bhonpooo.
11 to 13 joker s role in circus was my next fascination…so much laughter and jokes would i share and laugh onn…i visited jumbo and Gemini circus each time they were at Lal quila delhi.At 13 did i realise its essential to STUDEE..
..By that time my hard working mom used to make notes for me for exam and i just read and passed getting usually 65%…
Thats double than basic pass percentage of 33%…so i was sooper brilliant and very satisfied in my own eyes! As senior classes started i mugged some lines..
Henry 5th…auto cratic rule …czar…feudal rule ,peasants..
Most of my history paper had answers knitted around these words…i used to write in big hand writing and leave 2 lines after each answer so that the exam paper looks fuller….writing Sarasvsti mantra of Om aim Om was a sure shot success in exam and eating curds with Sugar a guarantee card to have an all pass report card! In class 9 and 10 cable t.v was a new sensation in life and Antakshari on zee t.v with Anu kapoor a sooper hot topic to discuss among freinds when teacher was teaching…we had Bold and beautiful on star plus..the only english channel on t.v back then. Anyways to keep the average mediocre syndrome onn i was never selected in any music choir due to frog voice ,never taken to any art competition as it seemed i have killed and stuck mosquito and flies and being an Augustus gloop inspired child never ever taken in sports too..
I was not even a vivacious reader or very imposing orrator. Still i was and am and have been a Yaaro kaa yaar person …most of the time happy and crazy in myself..

Dancing and singing to myself in my self created loving world.

Morale of the write up…its nothing to be guilty or feel shy even if we are Average.