The previous article described the divine meet between Lord Krishna and Lord Hanuman in the Dwapar Yuga on Ram Navami, which you can read HERE. This is the story of what happens after that.

Hanuman gets overwhelmed with emotions after meeting Krishna, who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, just like Lord Rama. Hanuman serves Krishna and Narada Muni, who helped both of the meet, on the occasion of Ram Navami.

But Hanuman’s meeting with Krishna was not just a meet.

Krishna tells Hanuman that he wants him to help him out in an important task. Hanuman is jubilant before even knowing the task. What can be more fulfilling for him than to serve his Lord yet again? Along with helping him out, it would also take him back to the era where he, along with the Vaanar Sena, had helped Rama, the incarnation of the same Lord Vishnu, in teaching Ravana a lesson.

The task Krishna has for Hanuman is an unusual one. Some distance away from Krishna’s abode in Dwarka lies the city of Pondrak. The king of that region calls himself Vasudev Pondrak. In other words, he believes he is the real Krishna (Vasudev is another name for Krishna) and the one staying in Dwarka, the real one, is fake.

Pondrak also dresses up as the real Krishna. Not just that, he also holds the conch, mace, lotus and the Sudarshan Chakra in his four hands, just like Krishna. The bigger concern is that he is so full of arrogance that he persecutes all those citizens of his territory who don’t consider him Krishna.

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Pondrak also tries copying some of Krishna’s deeds. Krishna’s divine dance with his Gopis, which is called Raas, is copied by Pondrak by forcefully picking up girls and lusting for them. He believes he is doing the same what Krishna does with Gopis, although he wasn’t. Ironically for Pondrak, his own wife Tara doesn’t consider him as the Lord and ardently worships Krishna.

Krishna sends Hanuman to Pondrak’s kingdom to see if he can give up his title in a peaceful manner, just like he did with Ravana. As soon as Hanuman reaches the city, he witnesses a woman being chased by one of Pondrak’s men out of lust. Hanuman saves the woman and kills the man. Pondrak is livid to see his aide’s dead body. He wonders who could have shown such guts to kill him.

Just then, Hanuman arrives in his court and bravely admits to the killing. Despite this, he gives a chance to Pondrak to return to his senses and give up his claim of being Krishna. However, Pondrak orders his men to capture Hanuman. But the latter, with his powers, defeats the soldiers and goes away by warning him of dire circumstances through the hands of Krishna. Pondrak, in a fit of anger, throws his fake Sudarshan Chakra at Hanuman but the latter catches hold of it and throws it back at Pondrak. He also destroys the city of Pondrak, just like he did with Lanka in the previous Treta Yug.

After knowing what happened in Pondrak city, Krishna and Balram decide to wage a war against Pondrak. Pondrak too is determined to kill Krishna and snatch the thrown of Dwarka. He acquires celestial weapons after doing a yagya. Pondrak, his brother Randhir and his friend Kashiraj head out for a war against Krishna. When they face the enemies, Balram easily kills Randhir and their army.

Meanwhile, Kashiraj challenges Krishna but he gets defeated too. A furious Pondrak hurls his celestial weapons at Krishna but they have no effect on the latter. Pondrak then throws his fake Sudarshan Chakra at Krishna. But Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra destroys the fake Sudarshan Chakra and then it kills Pondrak. Hence, in a way, Pondrak gets moksha from his life of sin.

Krishna once again ensures that Dharma defeats Adharma. Hanuman is pleased to see that but he is pleased even more to have gotten a chance to serve his Lord in this Yuga (era) as well.